About Madras Cosmopolitan Ladies Circle 38
Ladies Circle India (LCI) is a women’s organization that offers opportunities to foster friendship and serve the community. Its membership is restricted to wives of members of Round Table India. LCI traces its roots to the first Circle chartered in 1969. Today, LCI comprises of over 114 Circles and 1600 members, spread across 19 states and 57 cities.

Our Circle, MCLC 38, was chartered in 1990. Over almost 30 years of its existence, it has come a long way from raising a few thousands of rupees at garage sales to organizing nationally-recognized fundraisers for community health and welfare. MCLC38 is a Circle with a strong sense of fellowship and enterprise, and is actively committed to serving society.


About Madras Cosmopolitan Round Table 94
Round Table is a unique organization of young achievers driven by aims and objects of community service, self-development, fellowship, and fostering international relations. Round Table India’s primary goal is to educate underprivileged children.

Madras Cosmopolitan Round Table 94 (MCRT 94) is an active member of Round Table India and was chartered in 1989. Like the other tables of Round Table India, 100% of the funds raised by MCRT 94 goes directly to funding the various community service projects as the tablers themselves absorb all the administrations costs.

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